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Established in 2005, CDI Pest Management is a family-owned business with deep roots in Toowoomba.

Our commitment to excellence led to expansion in 2015 through the acquisition of Prestige Pest Control, a Brisbane business with a 35-year legacy.

With a seasoned and qualified team, we specialize in providing safe, effective, and value-driven pest management solutions for commercial and residential clients in Toowoomba, Brisbane, and South-East Queensland.

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Meet Marshall Blacklock

At the helm of CDI Pest is Marshall Blacklock, a pest management veteran since 1998.

Marshall's extensive experience goes beyond pest control; he brings significant business and contract management expertise. Departing from a major franchise, Marshall's vision prioritises a personalised service, emphasising responsiveness and tailored solutions.

Actively engaged in global and national pest conferences, Marshall is not only a participant but a host of local pest conferences, generously sharing his knowledge with the industry and community alike.

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Quality & Sustainability at the Core

We maintain rigorous quality standards, champion sustainable practices, and foster meaningful community connections.

Our commitment to these principles is evident in our third-party accreditations to ensure that we consistently deliver top-tier quality and unwavering environmental responsibility.

Empowering Our Team

Our team members are carefully chosen based on their attitude and passion for our philosophy. We believe that by providing them with the right tools, resources, and knowledge, they can achieve the best outcomes for both our business and clients.

We empower our employees to take initiative, challenge constructively, and make a positive impact.


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We've come a long way since our humble beginnings, and today, we are committed to protecting your homes, businesses, and our shared environment. Welcome to CDI Pest Management, where our presence is a shield that safeguards what matters most.

Discover the CDI Pest Management difference today, and let us provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

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