Are you passionate about making a positive impact on the world? Register your interest in a rewarding career in pest control with CDI Pest Management’s Brisbane or Toowoomba-based team. 

Our technicians safeguard not only properties but also the well-being of individuals, solving pest issues and protecting health.


Careers with CDI Pest Management


  •   Administration 

From service managers to customer service administrators, our administrative team is at the heart of our operations. 

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  •   Pest Control Technicians

Become an Urban Pest Control Technician or a Timber Pest Licensed Technician. Work with homeowners, business operators and more. With continual training and development opportunities to continue to grow your career. 


  •   Pest Control Technicians Trainees

Start your career towards becoming a qualifiedbecoming qualified Urban Pest Technician or Timber Pest Technician. Enjoy full-time paid positions with on-the-job training, and guidance from licensed technicians.

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Check out our life of a pestie series below to see what our team gets up to!

CDI Pest Management - Careers

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