Ant Infestations

By combining home remedies with professional pest management services, individuals can ensure long-term control and prevent the recurrence of ant…

Common Spiders in SEQ

Learn some valuable knowledge for coexisting safely with some common spider species found in residential areas in SEQ, including their appearance,…

The Fire Ant Invasion

Fire ants aren't just a problem; they're a looming threat to our communities, ecosystems, and way of life.

Bird-Related Trouble

While wildlife can add to the allure of your surroundings, birds can present significant threats to both your property and your family's well-being.

Discouraging Bird Pests

When considering pests, birds might not be the first creatures that come to mind. However, they can be just as troublesome as other pests, causing…

Rats! We have Mice

Once they have moved in, it is unlikely you will see one with your own eyes. Instead, there are several tell-tale signs that you have some small,…

Let’s Talk About Rodents

Although rodents may not be the most pleasant subject, understanding a little about your enemy could help you defeat them when the time comes!

Termites: What to Look For

As spring unfolds its splendour, homeowners must remain vigilant against the hidden menace of termites.

5 Signs of Termites

As homeowners, we often take comfort in the sanctuary of our dwellings, but lurking beneath the surface, a silent destroyer may be at work – termites.

Sustainable Pest Control

At CDI Pest Management, our core philosophy revolves around promoting health, well-being, and ecological harmony.

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