Bird-Related Trouble

In regions like Toowoomba and Brisbane, certain bird species require careful control measures due to their disruptive behaviours and nesting habits.

Common Birds Requiring Control Measures

  • Indian Myna: Easily identifiable by its brown body, darker head, yellow eyes, and beak, the Indian Myna is notorious for its aggressive behavior, often displacing native bird species.
  • Sparrow: Sparrows are commonly found nesting in colonies, constructing large nests from grass, straw, and feathers. Females have dull brown plumage, while males exhibit darker banding on their wings and heads.
  • Starlings: Known for their versatile song mimicry, starlings are noisy birds with shiny dark brown or black feathers. They tend to congregate in large groups, posing a nuisance to residential areas.
  • Pigeons: Recognizable by their typically grey plumage, small heads, and short necks, pigeons come in various feather colors. Originating from domesticated doves and pet releases, they can cause disturbances with their nesting behaviors.

Trouble Nesting Spots

During nesting seasons, birds seek secure locations to build their nests, often choosing areas such as carports, pergolas, roof eaves, patios, and even beneath solar panels. Persistent bird activity on solar panels can lead to fouling and mess accumulation, resulting in clogged gutters, blocked drains, and reduced panel efficiency due to corrosive droppings.

Bird Lice

Bird lice, also known as avian mites or bird mites, feed on bird blood but can become a nuisance to humans if not properly controlled. When deprived of avian hosts, bird lice seek alternative blood sources, including humans, leading to infestations within homes. Bird lice bites can cause red, itchy welts on the skin, resulting in discomfort and potential skin infections. Bird lice infestations can be challenging to eliminate completely, requiring thorough cleaning and treatment to eradicate residual mites.

Bird Control Measures

Taking proactive steps to control bird populations and implement preventive measures can safeguard your property and family from the threats posed by birds and associated pests like bird lice. Regular maintenance and professional pest control services can help mitigate these risks and ensure a healthier living environment.