Case Study: Bird-Proofing a Water Reservoir Tank

The client, a property owner with an 8-meter-tall water tank used intermittently to collect excess water, approached CDI Pest Management with a pressing issue. Pigeons had taken up residence in the tank, posing a health hazard and causing blockages in the pipes.


CDI Pest Management faced multiple challenges in addressing the bird infestation:

  • Pigeons nesting and blocking pipes within the tank.

  • Limited access around the 8-meter tall tank, complicating installation.

  • The need to maintain access to the tank's center for maintenance purposes.

  • No straight edges on the tank, making traditional net tensioning methods ineffective.


To overcome these challenges, CDI implemented a tailored solution:

  • Installed a zipper in the net beforehand for ease of installation.

  • Positioned the net across the tank and worked from one side to the other, gradually tensioning the net despite the lack of straight edges.

  • Constructed a custom net cage over the platform connecting the tank's exterior and interior staircases, ensuring personnel access while preventing bird landings.

  • Completed the project on time and within budget, with the entire installation process taking just three days.


CDI's innovative approach effectively resolved the bird infestation issue, ensuring the water tank remained pest-free.

By combining ingenuity with practical implementation, we demonstrated our commitment to delivering efficient and effective pest control solutions.


This case study underscores CDI Pest Management's expertise in developing custom solutions to complex pest management challenges.

Our ability to adapt and innovate in the face of unique obstacles highlights our dedication to client satisfaction and environmental stewardship.

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