Comprehensive Bird Control Solutions

Successful bird management, such as the services provided by CDI Pest Management, involves a combination of exclusion and hygiene measures, extensive knowledge, a commitment to getting it right the first time, and the ability to solve hazardous bird-related issues effectively.

This includes techniques like netting, proofing, closure of entry points, and removal of food sources. Bird management is a specialised field, demanding an in-depth understanding of bird behaviour, mechanical concepts, and access equipment.

Our Comprehensive Bird Control Strategies Include:

  • Deterrents: Our approach includes the use of visual and electro-magnetic deterrents strategically placed to discourage birds from roosting and nesting in undesired areas, effectively preventing potential damage. (See Visual Bird Deterrent below for more information)

  • Netting: Employing advanced netting solutions acts as a robust barrier, denying birds access to openings, and structures vulnerable to their activities. (See Bird Netting below for more information)

  • Spikes, Shock Track and Wire Systems: Strategically placed on ledges, signs, and flat surfaces deter birds from landing or nesting, protecting your property. (See Bird Spikes below for more information)

  • Bird Repellent Optical Gels: Gels create visual and sensory deterrants to prevent birds from settling on ledges, beams, and other potential trouble spots.

  • Bird-Proofing Structures: Our experts skilfully seal openings and crevices in buildings, including vents, chimneys, and eaves, preventing birds from entering and nesting.

  • Trapping and Removal: For particularly challenging invasive species, our team employs targeted trapping and relocation strategies to effectively mitigate their impact.

  • Feeding and Baiting: Controlled bait stations redirect birds away from troublesome areas, providing an alternative for their activities. (See Bird Baiting below for more information)

Visual Bird Deterrent

The Eagle Eye Bird Breezer is an innovative visual bird deterrent designed to prevent birds from landing in unwanted areas. This rotating system responds even to the slightest breeze, ensuring continuous protection. The incorporation of "danger" colour spectrums without severe strobing makes it ideal for areas where neighbouring concerns about flashes may arise. With highly visible rotating cups discouraging most birds from landing.

Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes deter large pest birds from various building surfaces. AvePro Bird Spikes, which are crafted from 302-grade stainless steel, can withstand the harsh Australian climate and UV intensity, ensuring longevity. Suitable for ledges, parapets, beams, and roofs, they offer a durable and long-lasting solution.

Bird Netting

We use AvePro Deluxe Bird Netting, which sets the industry standard for strength, quality, and UV stability, backed by a 10-year warranty. This high-density polyethylene (HDPE) netting is the top choice for excluding pest birds from various building configurations.

Bird Baiting

OvoControl, a non-lethal and reversible pigeon birth control technology, disrupts pigeon egg hatching and is administered during the reproductive season. Suited for larger areas, it finds application in manufacturing facilities, power plants, urban areas, hospitals, transportation hubs, and more. OvoControl offers a humane and effective solution.

Customised Solutions

While netting is effective in eliminating roosting spaces, it might not always be practical or cost-effective as a standalone solution. CDI Pest Management explores combined solutions, considering factors like the layout, accessibility, and budget constraints.

An example of a customised, multifaceted solution can involve:

  • Advising to ensure all entry points are properly screened.

  • Investigate the feasibility of updating control processes to keeping main roller door closed, possibly by installing a rapid door.

  • Install an electric-driven Eagle Eye above the rapid door.

  • Explore options like shooting, baiting, or trapping remaining pigeons for population control.

  • Gate doors to allow ventilation while preventing bird ingress.

  • Installing bird netting inside the shed to prevent roosting and nesting.

  • Explore the use of ozone or electromagnetic controls around doorways.

  • Install Eagle Eye units above selected doors.

  • Investigate the use of OVO units for reproductive control.


Effective bird control demands a combination of exclusion methods, technology, and specialised equipment. CDI Pest Management, with its extensive experience, offers customised solutions that ensure long-term bird management. Our commitment to safety, compliance, and quality is unwavering.

Our tailored bird control solutions are designed to effectively address avian challenges while prioritising the safety and health of your property. Explore our case studies for in-depth insights into our successful bird control interventions. Act now to protect your space from the detrimental effects of bird infestations.

In Toowoomba and Brisbane, choose CDI Pest Management as your go-to partner for comprehensive bird control, ensuring a pest-free and healthy environment for all.