Termites: What to Look For

With the arrival of warmer spring weather and rising humidity, nature bursts into vibrant life. However, beneath this picturesque surface lies a silent threat: termites. As termite colonies prepare to release their winged reproductives, known as Alates, homeowners must remain vigilant to safeguard their properties from potential damage.

Identifying Alates

Flying termites, often mistaken for winged ants, emerge en masse during spring, constituting a staggering 90% of flying insects seen during this season. These diligent creatures, characterized by four equal-sized wings and a straight-sided waist, embark on a mission to establish new colonies, posing a potential threat to homes and properties.

From Flight to Colony Formation

Alates take flight during the early morning or late afternoon, typically preceding storms, or heavy rain, and coinciding with increased humidity levels. In a remarkable display of reproductive fervor, up to 25,000 Alates may emerge from each termite nest, each harboring the ambition to initiate a new colony. Upon landing, these airborne pioneers shed their wings, and females emit pheromones to attract potential mates.

Choosing a Habitat

Once paired, Alates seek out conducive environments for colony formation, favoring damp or decaying timbers found in various locations, including the ground, behind timber retaining walls, old tree stumps, and even within residential structures. With just two Alates needed to initiate a colony, the threat to property escalates exponentially as colonies mature, posing a significant risk within three years of establishment.

The Urgency of Action

The presence of Alates signifies mature termite colonies nearby, signaling an imminent danger to neighboring properties. Swift action is paramount to protect against potential damage, as queens waste no time in laying eggs upon finding suitable nesting sites. If Alates are spotted around your home, immediate steps should be taken to assess and address the threat posed by these relentless invaders.

Professional Inspection and Treatment

In the event of suspected termite activity or Alate sightings, proactive measures are essential to safeguard property integrity. Contacting pest management professionals, such as CDI Pest Management at 1300 737 826, enables homeowners to arrange thorough inspections, receive comprehensive reports, and devise effective treatment plans tailored to their specific needs.

Stay Vigilant and Take Control

By recognizing the signs of Alate activity and acting swiftly to address potential threats, property owners can mitigate risks and preserve the sanctity of their homes for years to come. Don't wait until it's too late – take control  today.

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